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Meet the evolving regulatory challenges for the alternative investments market

In recent years, the hedge fund and alternative investment market has grown exponentially, representing over 20,000 funds in the U.S. and over 22,000 in the EU. With increased regulatory pressures, such as the Private Fund Advisers rule, traditional spreadsheets and Word documents simply can’t meet today’s complex compliance regulations. ArcReporting® streamlines the reporting process to drive efficiency and reduce risk.

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Understanding the SEC’s Private Fund Advisers Rule

The SEC recently passed the Private Fund Advisers rule, requiring investment advisers registered under the ’40 Act to create a quarterly report for any private fund that they advise directly or indirectly and which has at least two full fiscal quarters of operating results. In addition, private fund advisers are now subject to new audit requirements on the annual report. On each fiscal-year-end report, the financial statements must be audited by an independent public accountant.

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Still using spreadsheets to manage and produce your financial statements? See how ArcReporting can elevate your processes.

Enhance internal controls

ArcReporting enhances your control environment by standardising financial statement preparation and providing detailed audit trails of user activity.

Reduces risk

ArcReporting streamlines and improves consistency with a better, more automated process to mitigate risk and enhance your control over financial statements.

Drives efficiency

ArcReporting eliminates manual processes. Built-in exception-based and audit reporting helps you verify your data and further optimise reporting.

Delivers confidence

ArcReporting was purpose-built by experts who know the investment industry inside and out. With decades of experience, DFIN understands that your organisation has unique needs.

Greater security

Built-in controls, including single sign-on, ensure protection against cyber risk, meet enhanced IT standards and comply with global regulatory standards

Superior output

A robust publishing engine supports a full spectrum of output formats, including machine readable, and tools to produce high-quality, professional-looking financial statements.

Why ArcReporting for alternative investments?



Built by leading industry experts for registered investment companies, private fund advisers, and hedge and alternative investment fund companies


Trusted partner

Service 5 out of the top 10 global hedge fund administrators, with hedge funds and alternative investments representing 25% of the ArcReporting business


Industry leader

Backed by the service, support, experience and expertise of an established leader in the financial industry

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Get a sample quarterly statement

Want to know what a sample quarterly statement may look like? DFIN created an initial representative sample of what the Private Fund Advisers sample quarterly statement could look like.

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