Thought Leadership  •  March 19, 2024

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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots

From Private to Public: Expert Insights for Foreign Private Issuers Pursuing U.S. Public Listing in 2024 and Beyond

Practical insights for APAC companies contemplating a listing in the U.S. capital market as Foreign Private Issuers (FPIs).

To distill the essential factors for a successful U.S. FPI listing, DFIN engaged a panel of experts* specializing in this subject matter. The experts, having worked extensively in the realm of U.S. FPI listing, bring decades of combined experience and consistently provide valuable guidance to companies in navigating the complex landscape of U.S. IPOs and public listings. In this report, we analyze several key aspects of a successful U.S. listing by FPIs, including financial statements, filing processes, regulation and compliance, as well as investor relations. The expert panel has also provided firsthand tips and guidance for companies and their management teams as they plan for public listing in 2024 and beyond.

Download the report now to grasp the key success factors for a successful U.S. public listing.

*Expert contributors:

Allen Lu – Partner and Head of TMT Audit, KPMG China
Chris Hao – Chief China Representative, Nasdaq
Craig Clay – President, Global Capital Markets, DFIN
Felipe Duque – Partner – Singapore, Allen & Overy
Huo Chao – Partner, Haiwen & Partners
Ran Li – Partner, Davis Polk & Wardwell
Roger Ng – Senior Director, APAC, Edelman Smithfield
Ross Warner – Senior VP, Piacente Financial Communications
Tina LeDinh – Vietnam Managing Partner, Allen & Overy

Remarks: the contributors are listed in alphabetical order of first names